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Kingdom Hearts: Wonderland
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Kingdom Hearts: Wonderland

It is interesting to see how works of literature change as they are adapted to different media to serve different purposes. Let’s look at the popular Kingdom Hearts game by Squaresoft. For those of you who do not know, Kingdom Hearts is a video game where the main character travels between the many worlds created by Walt Disney Studios, interacting with the characters from each of the worlds, working with its heroes and battling it villains.

One of the worlds the player visits during Kingdom Hearts is Wonderland, a world based off of the movie Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Upon entering the world the first major difference is that the world of Wonderland is being experienced from the point of view of the Kingdom Heart’s main character, Sora, instead of Alice. In fact, Alice is only seen once before she is whisked away never to be seen or mentioned again. However, many other characters do make an appearance and receive a fair amount of attention, such the Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat.

While the characters and the world of Wonderland are not particularly faithful to those shown in the source material, it is also worth noting that neither is being able to interact with them instead of simply watching or reading about them. Being able to interact with the characters and the world allows for an interesting new development in the world of Wonderland, and allows Wonderland to be used to tell a completely new and unique story. This is true of any adaptation of any work. When transferred to a new medium some parts of a story simply will not work and need to be changed or removed, and it allows for new things to expand upon and add to the story being told.