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Neo: The Matrix’s Jesus
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Neo: The Matrix’s Jesus

                             In contemporary society, fundamental building blocks to western civilization have been heavily influenced by the religious beliefs of the settlers which initially colonized this land. Christianity and the Bible have culturally influenced a common moral code, through which societal expectations and written law can be derived, generally creating a belief in morality as outlined by the life of Christ and in the teachings of his faith. Similarly, this story of a prophisized youth sacrificing his life to save others, has been relayed repeatedly through multiple forms of media in modern society, in which epic movies are used to mirror the travels of Jesus Christ in his mission for redemption. Neo is a Christ like figure, portrayed as the savior to a fictitious society through similar circumstance, self sacrifice and resurrection bringing about an undeniable movement toward change.

  In reference to the similarities of Neo and Jesus, one must simply compare their prospective journeys and the antagonist suffered during their pilgrimage toward creating a better society. The Matrix sets the premise of an oppressed society, manipulated and subdued by an omnipresent system of corruption. This world, created by technologically advanced, biomechanical machines, serves as a medium in which the untainted can fight injustice . This manufactured world can be likened as a vestige to the other worldly plane of existence where good can fight evil, which lent to the creation of the savior. This savior having been prophesized as the entity which can deliver the worthy into an ideal society focusized on prosperity, free of injustice and persecution, was heavily relayed as an underlying theme. This theme was referenced in an article describing this belief’s repetition in contemporary works of art as “Prophecies of a hero with amazing abilities who’ll rescue people from evil or oppression are all over movies—especially in The Matrix. Much like before Jesus’ birth, the imprisoned and oppressed world of The Matrix longed for a savior they call the Chosen One.”( La Counte) Neo as the Chosen One, must submit himself to the cause in order to fulfill this prophecy, this occurrence is evident I his choosing of the pill, commencing his journey to provide liberation.

  Self sacrifice is also heavily alluded to as major themes of both the Bible and the Matrix. Both protagonist, Jesus Christ and Neo, must relinquish their own personal life in order to serve the greater good of their calling as the sole entity which may provide a much sought after deliverance from oppression. Similarly, these saviors were not seen in a common light, Jesus and his disciples fought for the poor weak and disenfranchised. In these context he and others of Christian faith were abhorred as detailed in this quote, “that the Romans also saw the first Christians as dangerous and deserving of death,” and yet they avidly inspired hope through the strength of their faith, “They believe in a chosen one, in self-sacrifice, discipleship and justice for the weak and vulnerable. They find power for their battle of good versus evil in a mysterious force.” (Longhurst) The misapprehension of the ideals set forth by the movement of these characters allows for division amongst society, bringing fear to those with power because of the ability these messiahs have to disrupt the powers that be and force change throughout society.     Agent Smith and the Exile Program can be symbolic messages for the tyranny of rome as well as the temptations to seek selfish desires displayed by the devil’s presence in the Bible. Self sacrifice extends further than that of personal desires, for these characters it entailed the sacrifice of their mortal lives.

  In the epic climax of the Matrix, Neo on the losing end of a murderous fight, chooses to confront evil and seek no alternative escape in the face of imminent defeat. In doing so, he is inevitably defeated and dies in a struggle to overcome the overbearing unjust evil which occupies his world. Jesus, similarly faced with impending death at the prospect of crucifixion chose not to run away, but to face the evils of his world even if it meant his own death. Though the pain of death was long endured, death did not remain for long for either of the protagonist. Jesus was resurrected transforming his legacy from martyr to that of something so much more. In shedding his mortal body, the faith he instilled in his disciples grew roots of concrete foundation which allow such a religion to persist and remain healthy over multiple centuries. Neo upon gaining resurrection, was afforded the powers of supernatural ability to overcome the malevolent evil which the people of his world had long awaited to be liberated from.

  The connection these two characters share allow for such a comparison of the Bible and the Matrix to occur. The common belief in an unjust society, the natural nature of self-sacrifice, and resurrection are the common themes which entangle these two characters to such an undeniably inseparable extent. To conclude that the character of Neo was directly inspired by that of Jesus Christ is unmistakably evident through the common themes their stories share as their character evolves into the saviors they had been prophesized to be.


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