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Children of Men
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Children of Men


Children of Men parallels the story of Jesus Christ’s birth. In Children of Men Theo played by Clive Owen acts as a guardian to Kee, a pregnant girl that can cure the infertility epidemic in the United Kingdom. The role of Theo as a guardian parallels Joseph’s role in accompanying Mary while Jesus is in her womb. Kee’s role is similar to Mary’s role in the bible as she will provide salvation to humanity. Salvation is defined differently in these mediums. Salvation in Children of Men would mean that infertility would no longer plague the United Kingdom. In the bible salvation meant Jesus being born and dying on the cross so he could die for humanity’s sins and open the gates of Heaven. Mary and Kee are aware of their responsibility to their unborn children and try to protect them. Kee’s unborn child parallels Jesus in the womb such that each of them assumes a greater value and role to their benefactors that they cannot readily comprehend. The conflict in Children of Men however is much more involved. Mary and Joseph are not forced to take the side of the government or the revolutionary group unlike in Children of Men where Kee and Theo must escape these powers in order to save themselves.

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