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LOST -> Star Trek (original series)
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LOST -> Star Trek (original series)

LOST has many connections to Star Trek, especially the original series. From the start, Star Trek was mentioned to Locke by Boone in the show, in a reference to the “redshirt” characters in the episode “All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues.” In the episode “Born to Run,” LOST character Sawyer calls Jin, the Korean-speaking character on the show, Sulu. This was a reference to Sulu, the Asian Star Fleet Lieutenant in the original Star Trek series. An interesting comparison can be made between Sulu and Jin. Sulu was meant in the original Star Trek to be a symbol (along with Chekhov) of cultural unity and worldwide similarity/peace. Jin, on the other hand, is portrayed as a stark example of cultural differences. When the show starts he can’t even speak english or interact with the other survivors. He does, however, bridge the gap eventually. During the episode “The Beginning of the End,” LOST character Sawyer calls Desmond the Star Trek character “Scotty.” Scotty was the engineer in the original Star Trek series. Both characters had common sayings (Scotty’s “I’m giving it all she’s got, Captain!” versus Desmond’s “See you in another life, brother”) and thick accents. Both characters also dealt heavily with complex equipment. Scotty because he was an engineer and Desmond because of his running the Dharma Swan Station for years. The LOST character Charlotte says (in the episode “This Place Is Death”) she speaks Klingon. Klingons were the main villains of the original series.