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Vector: Breaking Bad – > Rage
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Vector: Breaking Bad – > Rage

“Rage” is the title of a FPS developed by id Software, released in early October of 2011.  In the game, the player takes on the role of a human survivor living among the wasteland that Earth has become following its collision with an asteroid in the year 2029.  Much of the human race, and all of its cities were destroyed by the collision, and over the course of 100 years, pockets of humanity have grown and developed into communities.  The player must wage war against various hostile tribes that have formed among the remaining human populace, those that have been changed into mutants thanks to the effects of the collision, as well as an enigmatic and technologically superior group of organized humans known as “The Authority”.

In the fourth season of Breaking Bad, there is a scene involving the character Jesse playing the game Rage on his television.  On viewing the game on the screen, it is easy for anyone who has played the game to identify the enemies that are being showed off.  However, the manner in which Jesse plays the game differs from the version actually released to the public.  Instead of being played with a “light gun”, a gun-shaped peripheral attached to the system to mimic the act of playing shooting games in arcades, the version released on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 only supported the use of the default controllers that are used in the majority of games on either system.

Here’s the scene in question (I’m gonna go with my gut and say that spoilers begin past the 1:00 mark):