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The Trojan War has become the war story remembered mostly by the Greek antics that granted Greeks entry into Troy through the Trojan horse.  After the Greeks empty out of the Trojan horse they ambush the city of Troy catching the Trojans off guard delivering the last blow of the battle. In the bible it has been mentioned that there was a battle at Jericho which lends itself to another theory of whether the Trojan War happened and is it mentioned in the bible. According to the latest archaeological research the theory that there were no walls around Jericho and there was no battle. Recent archaeological research revealed in the documentary In Search of the Trojan War that off the coast of Turkey ruins of Troy were discovered and that there were people living there for five thousand years. There was evidence of an earthquake in Troy and possibly warfare. The Trojan War whether it happened or not is an extremely interesting text to read about or watch films about it. For instance the Illiad written by Homer goes into detail that engrosses the reader giving you a vivid picture of the time and place. The film Troy doesn’t capture the characters and battle scenes as well as Homer who is renowned for his vivid writing style in the Illiad by his readers. Either way I enjoyed reading the book and watching the film.