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Vector: “Invincible” -> “The Walking Dead”
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Vector: “Invincible” -> “The Walking Dead”

The Walking Dead is another comic book series written by Robert Kirkman and published by Image.  However, this series is a drastic departure from InvincibleThe Walking Dead takes place in a reality much like our own where suddenly the dead begin to rise and feast upon the living.  The series follows a group of survivors, lead by former police officer Rick Grimes, as they move across the country, attempting to locate a place where they can call home.  Envisioned as a “zombie film that has no clear ending” by Kirkman himself, the series shares many similarities with the films that have inspired it, such as no character being “safe” from death, with individuals like children and pregnant women that are least likely to be harmed being killed outright.  The series began in 2003, and is running to this day.

In issue 33 of Invincible, the titular hero takes on a villain with the superpower to create portals to alternate realities than the “primary” one in which the fight takes place.  This confuses Invincible, and time after time, he ends up blindly charging into the rifts that his foe creates, bringing him to dimensions that include talking dinosaurs and superheroes from other publishers.  The third portal that Invincible charges through leads him what appears to be a standard American neighborhood.  However, the houses all look dilapidated and uninhabited, much like the one encountered in the first issue of The Walking Dead.  In the following panel, a zombie horde begins to shuffle toward Invincible.  Quickly, he flies off in the hopes of returning to his reality and finishing the fight with his nemesis.

(Kind of like this.  Except not really.)

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