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Spawn -> Spawn Armageddon
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Spawn -> Spawn Armageddon

Spawn Armageddon, viewed through the lens of the Spawn Armageddon comic, comes up short in the video game version. The Armageddon video game delivers its fans a Spawn character with his powers from the comics still intact. For instance Spawn can haul himself up buildings with chains shooting from his waist to scaling walls with his razor sharp claws. The gameplay of Armageddon is called by critics as too simplistic however its easy to spill maximum demon blood which credits the comics’ emphasis on Spawn’s ongoing battle against demons through the series. To enhance gameplay you can turn up the game up to the hardest difficulty which creates ten demons at a time for Spawn to fight recreating Spawn’s intense battles with demons through the comic series. Armageddon with all perks is considered by critics and fans as having pretty lame combos, with only a couple basic attacks, and the action gets very repetitive. The video game would probably be amusing to fans but is merely a source of entertainment without all the story elements the original comic series delivered in detail. The video game does little to account for Spawn’s capture by Mammon and his demonic minions who torture him horribly so that the secrets his body contains can be revealed. And later after Spawn’s heart is discarded in the comic his heart transforms into a young boy named Chris who with the help of his sidekick Twitch rescue Spawn from Mammon’s clutches and return him to Earth.