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Terraria is certainly an interesting game. Terraria is a game that lets the player dig up various types of blocks, craft things from them, and stack them in other locations. Now at first one might ask, “I have seen this before. How is this different from any other Minecraft clone?” Admittedly, Terraria borrows heavily from Minecraft, but they are far from the same game.

How are they similar:

Both games are very similar in the respect that they both revolve around the ability to gather and rearrange blocks. Both games have randomly generated worlds and deep crafting systems that allow players to create and use hundreds of different items. The base game mechanics are also very similar. The player is dropped randomly generated world which they must explore and find a way to survive in through crafting, combat, and creativity.

How they are different:

For starters, on of the biggest differences is that Terraria is rendered as a two dimensional side-scroller. The world it takes place in, while randomly generated, is limited in size by the games itself rather than the physical memory available on the user’s computer. This makes the system requirements considerably less and makes exploring the game easier on older computers. The biggest difference, however, is that Terraria trades openendedness and flexibility for for depth and structure, where as Minecraft offers a (nearly) limitless world with far more possibilites, but is almost empty until the player begins to add content. By limiting the size of the game while still maintaining a  (very) large world, Terraria offers players more of a sense of direction with in the game. It is easier to find where you have been. It has a far more varied game environments and each has its own unique items, resources, and enemies. These make exploring the game world far more interesting and rewarding.  Terraria also features several arcade style boss battles and has a far deeper, more user friendly, and generally more fun combat system than Minecraft. Minecraft, however, offers far more flexibility and variety in what can be constructed by the player. The extra dimension allows for unparalleled creative capacity and almost limitless options on what to do next.

In the end, Terraria is a great big fun adventure that allows you do model its world to suit your own creative tastes, while providing a sense of guidance and structure. Minecraft, on the other hand, is a   like having a giant box of legos where you are free to build whatever you so choose, but it is all on you. There is no structure, no guidance, only what you yourself can come up with.

Here is a bit of footage from Terraria

And here is a bit from Minecraft