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Vector: “Invincible” – > “The Amazing Spider-Man”
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Vector: “Invincible” – > “The Amazing Spider-Man”

The Amazing Spider-Man is an on-going comic series from Marvel Comics, first started in 1964.  The series, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, focuses on Peter Parker, a teenager who had a relatively normal life before being bitten by a radioactive spider.  As a result of the spider bite, Parker soon found himself in possession of super human abilities, such as increased agility, the ability to climb on surfaces, and a sixth sense.  The comic series became highly popular among teenagers when it first was released, and is one of the most important series, as it emphasized the experiences of the individual underneath the costume just as much as their actions as superhero.

A crossover occurred between Spider-Man and Image’s superhero Invincible in the pages of Marvel Team Up.  In the midst of Invincible’s fight with a supervillain who is able to open up portals to alternate realities, Invincible finds himself going through one that lands him on the streets of New York, in the Marvel Universe.  There, he comes meets Spider-Man, who is fighting against a villain of his own, Doctor Octopus.  The two heroes eventually begin to talk, with Invincible telling Spider-Man how he ended up in his reality, and eventually Spider-Man introduces his new ally to other superheroes in the Marvel Universe, such as Iron Man and Captain America.  After finishing their fight with Doctor Octopus, Invincible spots another portal that will lead him back to his own dimension, and travels through it to resume his own personal fight.