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Ultimate Spider Man: Video game
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Ultimate Spider Man: Video game

The Ultimate Spider Man video game attempts to define itself as being a transition between the Superstars(#66-71) and Hobgoblin(#72-78) arcs. It is assumed that the events in the Superstars arc and Hobgoblin arc shape the story for the Ultimate Spiderman video game. A few months after the game was released Marvel.com advertised the Silver Sable arc as being the follow up to the Ultimate Spiderman video game. In the Silver Sable arc Spider-Man beats Omega Red. Flash Thompson gets kidnapped by Silver Sable, thinking he is Spider-Man, who is wanted by the Roxxon Corporation for questioning (Spider-Man saved sevral Roxxon employees in the past); Spider-Man confronts Silver, but he is captured, unmasked, and brought to the Roxxon Corporation. There he is tied up, and questioned by Roxxon. When trying to do a DNA scan, the Wild Pack alert S.H.I.E.L.D. Spider-Man escapes. The Vulture swoops in and is subdued by Spider-Man and Silver; the Tinkerer is revealed as the culprit, and Nick Fury finds him and tells him he will either work for him or go to jail, and hires him to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. However in this arc no parts of the game are acknowledged and Sable kidnaps Flash Thompson thinking he’s Spider-Man. In the game Sable knows not only Peter Parker is Spider-Man, but kidnaps and fights him out of costume. Later on the War of the Symbiotes (#123-128) arc was released and said to be partly based on the Ultimate Spiderman video game loosely adapting it to the Ultimate Universe canon. It has been argued that the arc changes or shortens much of the game over the course of several flashbacks, eventually leading up to the present day. Other inconsistencies made placing the game in this timeline difficult; 1)Peter’s house is located in a busy neighborhood, while in the comics, it seems more quiet and more secluded; Peter also doesn’t have a neighbor on the side of his house where his basement door is located; 2) Midtown High School had a smaller lawn than in the comics, and appears to be located on a busy street in the game; 3) Electro never mentions Peter by name even though Parker’s identity was revealed in Ultimate Six; 4) Gwen Stacy is not mentioned in the game at all despite being a key person in the comics. However, she is most probably dead by this time, having been consumed by Carnage; 5) When the Carnage creature appears in the comics, Peter apparently has no idea where it’s from (other than Curt Conners medeling with his DNA) and has no recollection of him ever being behind it; 6) In the game, Carnage was depicted as a self-regenerative creature, while in the comics, it needs a supply of food to keep it alive; It is interesting to note that the Carnage featured in the game is a boosted form of the Venom Suit rather than a vampiric organism; 7) The Beetle has not been seen in the game or comics after he hides in the Latverian Embassy; 8) It is unknown why Kraven the Hunter’s billboards are still up, even though he has been apprehended by S.H.I.E.L.D. It can be said that in an attempt to bring the Ultimate Spiderman video game into the Ultimate Universe canon that parts of the game were sacrificed making it harder to draw a connection between them.