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Super Mario Bros. Power Up Energy Drink -> Nintendo Cereal System

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  1. zachwhalen

    Oh man I definitely remember this stuff and this commercial. The cereal was OK — basically Cap’n Crunch with fruity things in it — but the branding was spot on for the demographic I identified as in 1989. The two-bags-in-one-box system was needlessly complex, I remember thinking, because once you kind of had to take the bag you wanted out of the box to pour it. Otherwise, you’d end up with a big mess of cereal. And then, because the product would settle as you shook it out, the bag wouldn’t easily fit back into the box alongside its compatriot. NOT IDEAL.

    Anyway, what I remember most about this was they had this promotion where it was supposed to include a crappy pinball game in the box. Well, I convinced my mom to get us a box and discovered, to my horror, that there was, in fact, no game in the box. I was quite reasonably pissed.

    So, nine-year-old me wrote a letter to Ralston Cereals expressing my disappointment in the quality of their product and demanding satisfaction. They wrote back with a nice letter explaining and apologizing for the flaws in their process. The letter included the crappy pinball game (which was super crappy) and some coupons for more cereal.

    On a related note, I definitely watched this cartoon show, which is probably where I saw that commercial.

    You’re right: best thing I’ve seen so far this day.