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Vector: Predator –> Alien vs. Predator
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Vector: Predator –> Alien vs. Predator

The movie Alien vs. Predator did not base it self on any kind of original concept. It decided it would take the extraterrestrial monsters from two well know film series, Alien and Predator, and pit them against each other in a battle to the death, with a crew of mostly helpless humans thrown in the middle for good measure. What ensues is a bloody, violent, silly, poorly written monster movie that still manages to be fun and entertaining.

The predators that appear in the Alien vs Predator are of the same race as the  that first appeared in John McTiernan’s 1987 release of Predator. The film was a cheesy, poorly written excuse for a monster movie full of the horrendous one liners of its lead actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, but never failed to be extremely entertaining. Despite its critical failure the film was a massive box office success and spawned a whole slew of squeals.

The predators them selves remained fairly consistent over the years. They were an extremely technologically advanced race whose beliefs and traditions  revolved around a sort of hunter culture. They went to extreme lengths to hunt the most dangerous species through out the galaxy for sport and as a right of passage. Predators stood roughly seven to eight feet tall and usually wore heavy metallic combat armor, a pair of wrist mounted claws, wielded a spear, and a supported a shoulder mounted energy cannon. They never spoke any kind of recognisable language. The only sounds they made were clicks an chattering, along with the occasional roar.