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Vector: Prometheus -> Frankenstein
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Vector: Prometheus -> Frankenstein

The theme of science and how far humans should go is often present in books and movies.  Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein dealt with the idea of creating a monster and where the responsibility of people remains.  Should we be making these decisions to go so far in science.  From the trailers, Prometheus looks to deal with that same idea.  A group of people go out to discover what could be the beginnings of human kind and our world.  However, things go wrong and they instead are the catalyst for what could very potentially be dangerous to our lives instead.  Frankenstein’s creature committed murders that he blamed Victor Frankenstein for because he was not taught by his creator.  Instead, he was abandoned and had to learn on his own. Warnings of how far science can go and what the outcomes can be are not sparse.  Rather they are present everwhere from 1984 to the film Gattaca and even to videogames such as Resident Evil.  If the scientists of Prometheus could learn from Shelley’s Frankenstein, which is also rightly called The Modern Prometheus, would it matter?  It will be interesting to see if the idea is played with in depth in the film.