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Equilibrium-> Fahrenheit 451

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  1. Pablo Gener

    I agree completely with your note. I would only add that in both stories, superiors to both respective characters are acknowledged “offenders” to the very law they were supposed to enforce. This seems to arise no issue, and could imply that these characters themselves could continue to offend law individually, as long as they didn’t threat the given “status quo”. Moreover, in 451 indeed, Beatty assures Montag that he has read books, but it was just that, reading books didn’t mean that he couldn’t burn them, and that the system couldn’t be kept on. In Equilibrium, the “president” character tells Preston he is visibly “feeling”, he knows this because he is taking no drug against feelings, so… what they are really doing, that is breaking laws, is organizing with others to subvert order. In fact, in 451, at some point, Montag comments that firemen burning books was more of a show that an actual fight against book-reading offenders… people “in mass” just gave up on reading and were not interested in reading anymore, so burning books was not actually required to keep people from reading, it was just the way things were, and there was no “new” reason to change things… all of this I find similar in both stories too.