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Creative Essay

For this assignment, I’m asking you to create an essay, an “essay” with a line through it: a text of some sort that accomplishes the discursive impact of the essay genre, without the generic framework and considerations of the essay genre. Think of this like critical fanfiction.

The work you produce should be creative, and it should be of a scope (length) equivalent to three pages of written text. The specific medium you choose can vary, so long as your project adheres to these rules:

  1. Your text must extend the world of at least one of the texts onĀ our map.
  2. Your text must be of a different primary medium than the work you are adapting it from.
  3. No Harry Potter.

Post your work somewhere online — either on the class blog, your personal blog, your account, whatever — and submit its URL in Canvas. In addition, add your text as a new vector on the map, and post about it accordingly. (This can count as one of your ten required vectors, just submit that post through its usual channels.)

Read more about this assignment and submit your work in Canvas.

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