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Final Project

The final project for this class is to construct a new textual network of your own. Choose a new triad (three texts that are interrelated through some forms of adaptation), but make your new triad works that are not represented in the class’s overall map. Your project involves 5 scholarly components:

  • a novel visual representation of these three texts and their links to other texts
  • a commentary for each of your three primary texts
  • a wholistic analysis of the intertextual field created

The visual representation you create should be something other than the node/vector approach we’ve been using, but it should accomplish a similar effect in conveying the complexity of the field.

For the three primary nodes or texts, create a simple descriptive commentary, just like you’ve done for the 10 vector posts this semester.

In your analysis, advance an argument based in your understanding of the intertextual situation, paying particular attention (as appropriate) to the specific media. Use research from outside sources to support your argument, including at least 4 credible academic sources (books, essays, journal articles, etc.). The analysis should be about 4-5 pages in scope and may use images, video or other media, all of which must be your creation or documented appropriately.

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