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Web-Based Analysis Essay

In the first major assignment of this course, your task is to create an analytical essay that 1) advances a specific, interesting thesis of critical merit about any one of the texts in our map by 2) using the multi-modal capacity of the web in a meaningful way. To put it another way, your job here is to create an academic essay of literary analysis that uses text, images, video, sound, interaction — as many of those as will help strengthen your analysis, but at least one mode other than text.

The length or scope of this project should be about 3 pages or 1000 words. Accomplishing this essay with things other than just words, though, means that your final, total word count may be lower 1000. I must, however, insist on no fewer than 400 written words total.

Please note: Any images, sound, video or other media you use, must be your own creations, or — if you you use others’ work either by itself or within a collage or montage — it must be work which has been explicitly licensed for you to use. Otherwise, you must include a fair use rationale statement for each image, video or other media you use in your essay.

Besides the central work you are studying, your essay must reference at least one other creative work and incorporate (or respond to) the perspectives of at least two academic sources about the work in question. All of these sources (that is, at least 4 total) should be cited in correct MLA style.

Create your essay somewhere online (our class blog is fine, or your own blog — even something like Tumblr is fine if that’s how you want to work) and submit it here in Canvas by providing the URL.

Read some more details or turn it in at this assignment’s page in Canvas.