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Sam and Max: The Psychotic Bunny Leaves the Pages and Invades Our Games

Sam and Max: The Psychotic Bunny Leaves the Pages and Invades Our Games

The Sam and Max franchise has come in many forms over the years. It has been printed as a comic, featured as an animated television series, and transformed into a point and click adventure game.  The series follows the adventures […]

Vector: Predator –> Alien vs. Predator

The movie Alien vs. Predator did not base it self on any kind of original concept. It decided it would take the extraterrestrial monsters from two well know film series, Alien and Predator, and pit them against each other in a battle to […]

Half Life –> Quake

It is no secret that the first person shooter genre of video games owes a lot to Id Software. It is not because Id Software had the most talented programmers, the best storytelling, or the most unique and innovative games. […]


Terraria is certainly an interesting game. Terraria is a game that lets the player dig up various types of blocks, craft things from them, and stack them in other locations. Now at first one might ask, “I have seen this […]

Limitless potential

My creative essay, Limitless Potential, can be found here.

The Many Adaptations of Walt-Disney

Walt Disney Studioshas always been famous for its animated films, and many of those took thier insparation from famous works of literature trhough out history. These include Disney’s Mulan, Aladin, Pocahantas, Alcie in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and serveral Studio Ghibli […]

Kingdom Hearts: Wonderland

It is interesting to see how works of literature change as they are adapted to different media to serve different purposes. Let’s look at the popular Kingdom Hearts game by Squaresoft. For those of you who do not know, Kingdom […]